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16. Classified Ads 

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Unemployed individuals or "free agents" have 40 hours plus per week to spend on a job search. This is not true of an employed professional seeking other employment opportunities. 

The employed professional needs to cut to the chase and do their "homework" on evenings and weekends to prepare to launch an aggressive job search. If you are not committed to making a change - and willing to get outside your comfort zone - it is not wise to commence a search. The search will only end up in frustration and negativism. 

When you have made the commitment to yourself to launch the search, the following methodology is suggested: 

    1. Prepare a dynamic resume which illustrates accomplishments and results. 

    2. Research a profile of targeted companies based on company size, SIC code, geographic location, and industry trends. 

    3. Identify the correct decision maker to contract. 

    4. Begin initial target research. 

    5. Prepare and send appropriate marketing letters. 

    6. Do not use your office telephone on any of your marketing materials!! 

    7. Start networking. 

    8. Respond to appropriate newspaper advertisements. 

    9. Be careful about responding to blind box ads - this could be your job you are responding to . . 

    10. Selectively consider using appropriate employment/search agencies. 

    11. Set up interviews. 

    12. Follow-up after interviews. 

    13. Evaluate, hopefully, two to three offers. 

    14. Resign. Do not consider a company "buy-back." A company "buy-back," if offered, mostly likely your supervisor will recruit for your position and terminate you at a later date. 

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