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(Editor's Note:"So You're Looking for Another Job" was authored by AFPAAA member Charlie Brown who's post-AF career has been as a corporate head hunter and career counselor. He compiled the material offered here from dozens of sources and years of job search experience and donated it all for the exclusive use of AFPAAA members.)


Whether you are leaving the Air Force, or have already transitioned to a civilian job, it happens to all of us. We enter the job market not really knowing how to go about finding another job.

For nearly a decade, I have collected books, articles, fact sheets and ideas from coworkers on the job change process. The more you read and talk about it, the more you realize that some pretty basic principles are involved.

The first thing that you should do when faced with a job transition is grab your Rolodex or address book with both hands, put it in your briefcase, and take it with you. That is probably the single most valuable job search resource you have, and will be explained later.

What follows is based on how jobs are filled in the civilian world. Out here, there are no "detailers" or "career planners" to talk to.

In Public Affairs, we are in the communications business. We are also in the marketing business, either in building support for our base or our program, or (for those who have already joined the civilian world) our company. Now, you have to market yourself, and you can use many of the same tools you would use for your company or your base for yourself.

I won't guarantee that if you follow the program outlined here you will get the job of your dreams. But, I will guarantee that if you follow the program, your job transition will be a whole lot easier than it was for many of us who have gone before you.

Good Luck!

Charlie Brown


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    A. Preliminaries

    1. How To Do A Job Search If you're employed

    2. Dealing with the loss of a job

    • With your employer
    • With your family

    3. Coping Financially

    4. Spot Opportunities - "The Hidden Job Market"

    B. Get Ready

    5. Your Job Search Campaign

    • Who and what are you?

    6. Preparing your resume

    7. Employment Search Firms

    C. Get Set

    8. Using Direct Mail

    9. Contacting Companies Directly

    • Researching your targets

    D. Go!

    10. Baiting the Hook

    • When to use a direct mail letter vs. a cover letter and a resume

    11. Adventures in the Land of Cover Letters

    • Why letters are discarded

    12. Mechanics of Producing a Large Mailing

    13. Networking, The Key To The Whole Process

    14. Filling Out Application Forms

    15. Seven Rules for References

    16. Classified Ads

    • To Respond or Not
    • Salary Issues Made Simple
    • Types of Classified Ads
    • How to Respond to an Ad

    17. Using the Telephone In Your Job Campaign

    • When to Call
    • Beating Voice Mail
    • Organizing Your Home Office
    • Answering Machines
    • Someone In Your House Can Cost You a Job!

    E. Interviewing

    18. Preparation

    • Questions you should ask
    • Questions, dirty and otherwise

    19. Evaluating the Offer

    • How To Be Compensation Smart

    F. Final Thoughts

    20. What Do I Do When Everything Seems To Fail?


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