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To make a "global" (all names) search,  simply select the fields you want to retrieve (Sec 1) and click the "Search" button in Sec 5.  You can refine your search by entering up to 3 optional criteria (Sec 2) .  There's an optional "Sort" function available (Sec 3).  And, you can download the entire directory to use in your own database (Sec 4).  Experiment to discover the versatility of AFPAAA's On-Line Directory. 
This is an example of a complete record showing all available columns . 
First MI Last Title Home Add City ST Zip Home Ph Company Work Add Work CSZ Work Ph FAX E-Mail Yr Ret
1.   Select ... You can limit the display to certain columns. Use the {ctrl} key to select multiple columns. By default, all available columns are displayed. 
These listings reflect the most current data AFPAAA has on file. If you find an error  or ommission in your listing please send an E-mail to: MEMBERSHIP 

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Wildcards: Enter 'abc*' for a field beginning with 'abc' Enter '*xyz' for a field ending with 'xyz' 

2(a).  contains
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