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Wings One of the primary purposes of AFPAAA is to support the active force. However, today's Air Force is very different from the service most members recall.  The links below provide ways to stay "in touch" with what's going on, both in the USAF and in Public Affairs. 

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What's available:

    AF Today (html)
    Air Force News Alerts
    Air Force Press Releases
    Air Force Print News
    (plain text)
    Air & Space Power Journal
    Air & Space Power Journal
    (en español)
    Air & Space Power Journal
    (en français)

    Air Combat Command News
    Air Education and Training Command News
    Air Force Materiel Command News Service
    Air Force Personnel Center News
    Air Force Policy Letter
    Air Force Reserve Command News
    Air Force Space Command
    Air Force Transcripts
    Air Mobility Command News
    Airman Magazine
    Army & Air Force Exchange Service News
    AU "The Wright Stuff"
    Citizen Airman Magazine and Video
    Commanders' Call Topics
    Intercom Magazine
    (AF Comm Agency)
    Pacific Air Forces News
    U.S. Air Force Highlights
    US Air Forces Europe News
    US Transportation Command News
Sources for AF Photos

Here are some good sources for Air Force photography.  Different rules apply so be sure to check "Useage" restrictions.

Air Force Link Images Page 

DefenseLink Multimedia

Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC) • DoD and civilian requestors can call this agency to request multimedia products of the period from 1982 to present. Non DoD users pay a research fee. (909)413-2522

How to obtain photos from the period prior to 1982. DoD requesters can obtain this imagery for official use at no cost through the DVIC. Non DoD requesters can do the same at a cost. Contact: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Still Picture Branch 8601 Adelphi Rd. College Park, MD 20740 phone: 301-713-6660 World Wide Web at: 

returntotop .

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