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AFPAAA Oral History Collection - Volume 1
Ten Oral History transcripts on a single CD - $40.00 (+ shipping)

Volume 1 features transcripts and bios (in PDF format) of a "mini-who's who" of USAF Public Affairs leaders and legends telling "their stories" in detail - often funny, frequently poignant and always riveting. This CD includes Oral History transcripts of:
Oral History Collection Vol 1
LtGen Maurice Casey
Col Bill Coleman
BGen Jerry Dalton
LtCol & ASD/PA Bill Greener
Col Bill Helmantoler
LtCol Maston Jacks
Col Bill McGinty
BGen Mike McRaney
Col Barney Oldfield
Col Boone Rose

Each transcript is fully indexed and some include extra reference material and/or photographs.

Public affairs professionals, historians and journalists will find valuable insights and entertaining highlights in these recountings of "been-there-done-that" experiences by some of the brightest public affairs minds to ever put on a suit - blue or pinstripe. Readers will also discover how it "really is" in combat, politics and big business from first-person participants who were eyewitnesses to some intriguing "footnotes to history".

Oral History Collection Vol 1
CD - $40.00 + Shipping

AFPAAA Oral History Printed Transcripts
Individual Oral History transcripts are available for $10.00/ea (+ shipping).
001  Col. Barney Oldfield ... an original tale by a publicist extraordinaire, covers his experiences from WWII Press Camps to NORAD's Tracking of Santa and the great and near great in between.
002  Lt. Col. Maston Jacks ... remembers WWII ditching, Project Bluebook (UFOs) & POWs.
003  BGen. Mike McRaney ... reminisces about a career that took him from college basketball star to USAF Director of Public Affairs with stops in Europe, SEA and SAC along the way.
004  Lt. Col. Gil Billings ... recalls how it was on Eniwetok during A-bomb tests plus early SEA PA planning and manning.
005  Col. Bill Helmantoler ... tells about his WWII rescue & PA at CINCPAC, OSD and a fascinating recounting of what it was like working in the White House for LBJ.
006  Col. Aubrey Cookman
... what it was like at Lowry (Denver CO) before WWII & as a civilian ad man after.
007  BGen. Richard Abel
... a riveting account of accompanying Vietnam POWs out of Hanoi and their return from SEA.
008  Lt. Col. George Weiss
... recalls T-Bird PR, problems in SEA & Cuban Missile Crisis.
009  Col. William F. McGinty ... his version of LIFE Magazine & the B-52 around the world flight, MACV versus the USAF in Vietnam and other highlights.
010  Col. Robert Hermann ... a thoughful retrospective about the PA role from one of our best thinkers, also recalls the MOL and other R&D programs.
011  Lt. Gen. Maurice Casey ... fascinating insights into the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the mid-'70s plus highlights of his service as 3-time Deputy Director of PA.
012  BGen. Ed Robertson ... recalls a storybook PA career including the story-behind-the-story of AF Chief of Staff Gen. Mike Dugan's firing and the chaos that followed.
013  Col. Jack Rose
... remembers early Strike Command PR; also MAC-V & OASD/PA machinations during Vietnam.
014  Col. Bill Coleman
... recounts WWII P-38 adventures, setting up USAF space ops at Cape Canaveral, plus years as (SAFPA) Chief of Public, also talks about Project Blue Book and  working with Jack Webb on UFO TV show.
015  CMSgt Reed Switzer ... talks about Ernie Pyle, working at Command Services Unit and at the NY Worlds Fair as an Orientation Group rep.
016  MGen. Henry L. Hogan ... recalls first days of the USAF Academy & duty as SAC Div Cmdr & PA Director.
019  Lt. Col Ben Scarpero
... recounts the varied USAF career of a New Orleans newspaperman.
020  Lt. Col. John Dillin
... remembers early civilian PR in Florida and WWII, later pioneered FL PR Society.
022  Col. C.V. Glines ... tells about his close working relationship with Jimmy Doolittle and the Doolittle Raiders.
023  BGen. Jerry Dalton ... reviews 30 eventful years that culminated in being the first career-PA to be promoted to Brig. General and to be named SAF/PA Director.
025  Col. Albert Hatcher .. from the high seas to the Pentagon's E-ring, includes experiences as special assistant (speech writer ) to three Chiefs of Staff; Generals LeMay, McConnell & Ryan.
026  Col. Gerry Hickman ... provides thoughtful insights into modern PA practice in both government and industry from a senior managers perspective.
027  Lt. Col. Terry Hemeyer ... a fascinating journey from band leader to corp PR exec involved in Pennzoil's billion dollar law suit against Texaco and the many PR stops in between.
028  Col. Reade Tilley ... the amazing story of a PA icon - from WW II Eagle Squadron to Cold War SAC ; revealing insights into the creation of "modern" USAF public affairs.
030  Col. Boone Rose ... compares being a WWII Bomber Pilot to being a 4-star's exec. WW II missions, 7th AF & TAC PA.
031  Lt. Col. Bill Greener ... tells how he turned a 20+year AF PA career into posts as Ass't White House Press Secy and ASD/PA ... includes blunt but pertinent thoughts about PR/PA biz.
032  Mrs. Alice Price
... the history of the USAF's Art Program (w/6 color photos) as told by the doyenne of "Wild Blue" art.
034  Colonel Don Burggrabe
... recounts his pioneering efforts as the first Palace Info career manager, how "A Great Way of Life" became a recruiting mantra, what it's like to be the USAF's guy in Hollywood.
038  Colonel William C. Robinson
... flew bomber missions in WWII; was there at the birth of the USAF and later served as assistant to Stephen F. Leo the first PA Chief of the new Air Force.
039  Colonel Arnald Gabriel
... from WWII combat to renowned musician, the exploits and accomplishments recalled in inspirational detail by the long-time Commander/Conductor of the USAF Band are truly amazing.
New Oral Histories are added frequently, please check back.


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