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AFPAAA History Project "Because ... 
   Those who deny history
     are doomed to repeat it."

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Background: Oral History Project

AFPAAA's Oral History Project was begun on September 12, 1994. It operates following the recommeded standards of the USAF Oral History Program and the national Oral History Association.

The collection accumulates and preserves first-person accounts of public affairs events, activities and related periods in the lives of selected interview subjects. The purpose of the AFPAAA collection is to provide a record of USAF public affairs activities for use by PA & PR practitioners, students, researchers, authors, historians and journalists.

Why? There is a lot to learn from what others have been through ... both good and bad, right and wrong. USAF Public affairs people have participated in every significant activity in which the Air Force has been involved, often in key positions; usually interpreting policy if not making it, and normally in close proximity to the "movers and shakers." Yet, no one has taken the time to collect the "lessons learned" ... until now.

Our goal is to make the AFPAAA Oral History Collection widely available through donations to selected military agencies (see list below) and via the internet.

  • Secretary of the Air Force, Public Affairs (SAF/PA), Pentagon, Wash DC; 
  • Air University Oral History Program, Maxwell AFB, AL; 
  • Defense Information School, Ft. Meade, MD; and the 
  • Air Force Academy Library, Colorado Springs, CO. 

AFPAAA's Oral History interviews provide a unique perspective on the Air Force and the role of military public affairs that could benefit interested students, authors, and journalists alike. As can be seen in the below list of persons who have held positions roughly equivalent to todays Director, the Public Affairs tradition in the USAF and its predecessor organizations is long and populated with some surprising names. Wouldn't it be great to have Oral Histories from them all?


1. Download an "I Remember" (WWII or Korea) booklet, at Remember

2. For a list of oral history interviews, go to Collection]
A Proud Tradition
USAF Public Affairs Directors
1918 - Present
          Name (Underline denotes title change) Dates of Service
Maj. John A. Drexel Asst Exec, Div of Military Aeronautics Jul 1918-Jan 1919
                  " OIC Aeronautical Information Branch Jul 1918-Jan 1919
Maj. Horace M Hickam Chief, Information Group Jan 1919-Jan 1921
                  " Chief, Information Division Jan 1921-Jan 1923
          (unknown) Chief, Information Division Jan 1923-Feb 1925
Maj. Henry "Hap" Arnold **** Chief, Information Division Feb 1925-Mar 1926
Maj. Hubert R. Harmon Chief, Information Division Mar 1926-Feb 1927
Maj. Robert L. Walsh Chief, Information Division Feb 1927-Jul 1927
Capt. Burdette S. Wright Chief, Information Division Jul 1927-Dec 1928
Maj. Ira Lonanecker Chief, Information Division Dec 1928-Dec 1931
Lt. Col. Walter R. Weaver Chief, Information Division Dec 1931-Aug 1934
Lt. Col. John D. Reardon Chief, Information Division Aug 1934-Jul 1936
Col. Harrison H.C. Richards Chief, Information Division Jul 1936-Sep 1939
Lt. Col. Ira. C. Eaker **** Acting Chief, Information Division Jun 1937-Nov 1940
Col. Robert Candee Chief, Information Division Sep 1939-Nov 1940
                  " Chief, Intelligence Division Nov 1940-Jul 1941
Lt. Col. James G. Taylor Chief, Intelligence Division Jul 1941-Sep 1941
Lt. Col. Arthur I. Ennis Chief, Public Relations Branch Oct 1941-Jun 1942
                  " Chief, Public Relations Division Jun 1942-Jul 1942
                  " Chief, Public Relations Office Jul 1942-Sep 1942
                  " Asst to Dir of Army Air Forces Sep 1942-Jan 1943
Col. William C. Nuckols Asst to Dir of Army Air Forces Jan 1943-Jul 1943
Col. William Westlake Asst to Dir of Army Air Forces Jul 1943-Dec 1945
Lt. Col. Charles E. Root Asst to Dir of Army Air Forces Dec 1945-Apr 1946
Lt. Gen. Harold L. George Director of Information Mar 1946-Aug 1946
Brig. Gen. Emmett O'Donnell **** Director of Information Aug 1946-Sep 1947
------------------------------ USAF Established ------------------------------
Mr. Stephen F. Leo Director of Public Relations Sep 1947-Apr 1950
Maj. Gen. Sory Smith Director of Public Relations May 1950-Jul 1954
Maj. Gen. Brooke E. Allen Director of Information Jul 1954-Apr 1955
Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott, Jr. Director of Information Apr 1955-Aug 1956
Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Kinney Director of Information Aug 1956-Jun 1957
Maj. Gen. Arno H. Luehman Director of Information Jun 1957-Jun 1962
Maj. Gen. William K. Martin *** Director of Information Jun 1962-Jan 1964
Maj. Gen. Eugene B. LeBailly *** Director of Information Jan 1964-Jun 1967
Maj. Gen. William C. Garland Director of Information Jun 1967-Jul 1969
Maj. Gen. H.L. Hogan III * Director of Information Jul 1969-Apr 1972
Maj. Gen. Robert Ginsburgh *** Director of Information Apr 1972-Jun 1974
Maj. Gen. Guy E. Hairston Director of Information Jun 1974-Nov 1975
Brig. Gen. H. J. Dalton, Jr. * Director of Public Affairs Dec 1975-Aug 1980
Brig. Gen. Richard F. Abel * Director of Public Affairs Aug 1980-Mar 1985
Brig. Gen. Michael P. McRaney* Director of Public Affairs Mar 1985-Sep 1989
Brig. Gen. H. E. Robertson * Director of Public Affairs Oct 1989-May 1992
Maj. Gen. Jay W. Kelley *** Director of Public Affairs May 1992-Oct 1992
Brig. Gen. Walter S. Hogle Jr*** Director of Public Affairs Nov 1992-Jun 1994
Brig. Gen. Ronald T. Sconyers Director of Public Affairs Jun 1994-Feb 1998
Brig. Gen. Ronald T. Rand Director of Public Affairs Feb 1998-Dec 2003
Brig. Gen. Frederick Roggero Director of Public Affairs Dec 2003-Nov 2005
Brig. Gen. Michelle Johnson *** Director of Public Affairs Nov 2005-Nov 2007
Maj. Gen. Darren W. McDew **** Director of Public Affairs Nov 2007-Feb 2009
Col. Michael G. Caldwell Director of Public Affairs (Acting) Feb 2009-May 2009
Brig. Gen. Les A. Kodlick Director of Public Affairs May 2009-Feb 2014
Brig. Gen. Kathleen A. Cook Director of Public Affairs Feb 2014-June 2016
Brig. Gen. Edward Thomas Jr. Director of Public Affairs June 2016-Present
* Denotes Oral History Available
*** Later promoted to 0-9 (3-stars)
**** Later promoted to 0-10 (4-stars)
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