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Pinup SAF/PA Conference Room Dedication
All Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association members are cordially invited to attend the SAF/PA conference room dedication ceremony at 11:30 a. m., on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017 at the Pentagon. The ceremony will honor the association's generous efforts in funding the conference room renovation.

After the ceremony, AFPAAA members are invited to lunch in the Pentagon Food Court. After lunch, a tour of the new SAF/PA offices will be provided. There will also be time for "mentoring" with the current SAF/PA team at the end of the tour, along with a question and answer period. The day's activities should wrap up around 2:00 or 2:30 p. m.

Since there are strict entry control procedures for visiting the Pentagon, it's important that members who plan to attend the event RSVP to Lou Timmons or call him at 703-695-5536 by Oct 13. Please send Lou an email or give him a call if you have any questions.

Pinup Communication Waypoints
The Fall 2017 edition of Communication Waypoints is now available. Waypoints is intended for Air Force communicators at all levels to allow Airmen to communicate and engage in a manner that is timely, accurate and offers important context to our taxpayers and publics. Waypoints provides a baseline for synchronized communication through a common set of themes, messages, and facts that hit top issues affecting our Air Force.

Air Force PA professionals and leaders across the Air Force should use this product to anchor their communication.

The next Waypoints publication will be issued in Spring 2018.

Download: Communication Waypoints

Pinup Centurion Fund Aids Endowment
A few years ago the AFPAAA Board of Directors challenged a committee made up of C B Kelly and our late friends Charlie Powers and John Gulick to develop a way to promote more awareness of and add to the coffers of AFPAAA's Endowment Fund.

Thus, the Centurions were born.

To become a Centurion members simply donate $100 to the AFPAAA Endowment Fund. In return, at the next annual meeting, one Centurion donor's name will be drawn and he or she will receive a full refund of their annual meeting registration fee. (The refund can be applied to the current or next annual meeting.)

It is hoped that the public drawing and attendent publicity will attract further contributions. If even half of each meeting's attendees join the Centurions, the program would earn about $5000 per annual meeting, a substantial addition to the foundation.

For Annual Meeting reservation and registration details go to Annual Meeting

To make a Centurion donation: Send your check for $100.00 (payable to Endowment Fund) to: AFPAAA Centurions, Attn: Treasurer, P.O. Box 447, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0447. Be sure to clearly mark your check "Centurion"

Pinup Annual Meeting Site Selection - How to suggest a site
At the 2002 annual meeting, the membership approved a policy that - effective in 2005 - annual AFPAAA conference sites will be suggested and awarded on a bid basis. Any member interested in hosting an annual conference should download the Annual Conference Application Instructions and complete the Annual Conference Application form.

Instructions and an Application can be downloaded as PDF files HERE.

Any questions or concerns about the process should be sent to:
Annual Meeting Committee



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