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AFPAAA Membership Application

Apply online for Initial Membership or Renewal

Please complete all sections (A-G).

Except for Introductory Memberships, your application is not complete until payment has been received. We accept Major Credit Cards online and Checks or Money Orders (US Funds) by mail. See payment details at Item #F 18 and at Section G (Next Page).

You will receive an email copy of this application sent to the email address you provide at Item #C 2. If you have a question, send it to: Membership Chairman  

An entry for each item is REQUIRED.
If "Not Applicable" type: N/A.

Section A. Application Type

    - Initial (New member) - Sponsor (if any)
    - Renewal (Current member)
    - Rejoin (Past member)
    - Complimentary (Active Duty)

    - I will pay by: Credit Card
    - I will pay by: Check or Money Order
    - I will pay by: Complimentary

Section B. Member Type

    - Introductory 2 yr Complimentary (Active Duty)
    - Full 1 yr $25 (Retired/Separated)
    - Full 3 yrs $50 (Retired/Separated)
    - Associate 1 yr $10 (Active Duty, Civilian, Guard, Reserve)
    - Associate 3 yrs $20 (Active Duty, Civilian, Guard, Reserve)
    - Adjunct 1 yr $25 (Spouses, Widows)
    - Affiliate 1 yr $25 (Others)
    - Lifetime $300 (Single payment)
    - Lifetime $300 (4 Quarterly payments of $75)

Section C. Contact Information
(Required. We will use this info to contact you. If "Not Applicable" type N/A)

    1. Name:  
    2. Email: (  
    3. Home Address:  
    4. Home City:  
    5. Home State:  
    6. Home Zip:  
    7. Home Phone #: (include AC)  

    8. Unit/Business Name:  
    9. Unit/Business Address:  
    10. Unit/Business City, State, Zip:  
    11. Unit/Business phone #: (include AC)  
Section D. Background
    12. I am currently:

    - Retired
    - Active Duty
    - Guard, Reserve
    - Other

    13. My current/last military job is/was:

    - Public Affairs
    - Broadcasting
    - Band
    - Multimedia
    - Other

    14. My  current rank is, or  I retired as: (i.e. E-9, GS-12, O-6)  

    15. I retired/separated in (year): (i.e. yyyy)  

Section E. Comments
    16. Please add comments or questions here, We'll respond by email.
Section F. Application
    18. Please check to make sure you have completed all sections. You will receive an email copy of your application for your records.
    Note: This application is not complete until payment has been received.

    After you click [SUBMIT], you will be switched to the Payment page.

    Please click [SUBMIT] only once.





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