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Air Force Public Affairs
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Linking Public Affairs Professionals of the Past and Present to the Future

AFPAAA is a non-profit, veterans organization of past and present U.S. Air Force Band, Broadcasting, Visual Information/Combat Camera, and Information/Public Affairs professionals.

If that describes you, please Join Us.

We are committed to preserving the heritage and professionalism of the Public Affairs community, helping members transition into new jobs, and maintaining contact with friends and co-workers. We are more a fraternity than an association; a fraternity of over 500 men and women whose generations were defined by the conflicts they were involved in and the deployments they were sent on - World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other places around the globe - yet sharing a singular common experience.

A tax-exempt veterans organization under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, AFPAAA was first incorporated in Virginia in late 1993.

If you are now, or ever were, a member of the Public Affairs family, AFPAAA is here for you.

For more information about us, see Explore AFPAAA below.

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January 2022 Newsletter

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Dayton 2022

27th Annual Meeting
Set for Fall of 2022

AFPAAA's Board of Directors has announced that the next Annual Meeting will be held September 29 to October 1, 2022.

Covid-19 uncertainties were the Board's overriding concern. “It was the best decision our board could make for all involved – our members, Air Force Material Command, the AF Museum, and the hotel,” said AFPAAA chairman and meeting coordinator Perry Nouis.

“Rescheduling to allow sufficient time for most people to be vaccinated and for things to return to as normal as possible across the country was the way to go,” he said.

More details about the scheduling decision are available in the April News and Notes cover story and Perry's "From the President's Pen" letter.

Until Then...

While it will still be a while before you'll be able to see your friends in Dayton, you can reminisce a bit by checking out some photos from our last two annual meetings...

Go here to see photos of the 2018 meeting in San Diego.

Or go here to see photos of the 2019 meeting in Charleston.

You can also whet your appetite for the Air Force Museum by watching the Emmy® winning documentary "Memphis Belle: Her Final Mission." It highlights the restoration team at the museum and provides an in-depth look at the work they put into restoring the Memphis Belle™...